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Buy One, Get What’s Yours Back


Etna is one of the biggest homeware and furniture retail brands in Brazil, with a catalog of over 20.000 products.

To launch it’s mid-season campaign, on which there would be no special discounts, we simply made the biggest sale anyone could promise.

By buying something, we showed something else they would get:
something they already had.




-----------//Wave Festival//
                 Gold // Print & Publishing / Retail

-----------//El Ojo de Iberoamerica//
                 Bronze // Graphic Campaign

-----------//Ad Stars//
                 Bronze // Print Campaign - Product & Services (furniture / household)

-----------//Lürzer’s Archive//
                 2019 // Book 3

art direction: José Pedro Bortolini
copywritting: Rodrigo Niemeyer / Eveline Farina
creative direction: Marcos Abrucio / Zico Farina
photography: Gustavo Mendes


film production: Dogfish Film
director: John Porciuncula
sound: Hefty Audio