José Pedro Bortolini
︎︎︎ Creative Art Director

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The Beatbox Catalogue


The film was supposed to be a simple retail motion graphics displaying a few offers, with a 3.000 U$ budget for audio only. With that money, we’ve used a beatboxer to produce every single sound sound heard in the film in a fast paced rhythm, making it possible to place nearly 100 different offers in under a minute.

This cool outcome was built through trial and error, finding which words and metrics had the best fit with the original beatbox techniques, both with portuguese and english words



One Show ︎︎︎

Bronze • Moving Image Craft: Use of Music / Original Music

Cannes Lions ︎︎︎

Bronze •  Film Craft: Use of Original Music

El Ojo de Iberoamerica ︎︎︎

Grand Prix •  Audio & Sound

Ad Stars ︎︎︎

Gold • Film Craft - Use of Music
Gold • Film  - Poduct & Services (furniture / household)
Silver • Sound Design

Wave Festival ︎︎︎

Gold • Film Craft  - Use of Music / Sound Design



art direction: José Pedro Bortolini
copywritting: Rodrigo Niemeyer
creative direction: Marcos Abrucio / Zico Farina


motion graphics: José Pedro Bortolini
sound: Play It Again
singer: Caio Beatbox