José Pedro Bortolini
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Santa’s New Glasses


Oticas Carol is the biggest eyeglass retail chain in Brazil, with over 1300 stores all over the country. To celebrate Christmas, Oticas Carol wanted to do something bigger than just a TV Spot. Something that could make a difference on people’s lifes.

So we’ve decided to give a gift back to Santa. Sorry, SantaS. Professional Santas from all over Brazil. Usually, these folks are retirees, who use the gig as Santas to earn some extra cash. However, due to their old age, they have worstening eye condition.

Prescription glasses can be quite expensive. The worst the condition is, the more expensive the lenses can get. We interviewed these Santas under the pretext of a documentary about the elderly. It was just a trick to have their eyes examined. With that information, we made 250 custom eyeglasses to professional Santas all over Brazil.

But the gifts were not the eyeglasses. Inside each box, there were dozens of children’s letters. What we truly wanted to give them were the letters they could no longer read.


art direction: José Pedro Bortolini / Maurício Perussi 
copywritting: Rodrigo Niemeyer / Rafael Zoheler
creative direction: Marcos Abrucio / Zico Farina
typographer: Tag Oliveira


film production: Ritmo Visual Filmes
director: Fernando Estorino
sound: Canja Audio Culture