José Pedro Bortolini
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iOS game


TAMARINGO is a game created by Devanium, a side project of mine and a friend.

We developed the whole concept, gameplay and art. All illustrations were done by hand, and colored using pencil. And all game animation was done the tradicional way, frame by frame.

It is an endless runner mixed with a shoot-them-up: escaping death (The Death), the last golden lion tamarin have to zig-zag its way on the forrest, attacking everything on its paths trying to avoid the unavoidable.

Unfortunately, since it was a side passion project, we couldn't keep up with the iOS updates, so the game is no longer available at App Store.



concept and art direction: José Pedro Bortolini / Daniel Simon
UX: Daniel Simon
illustration: José Pedro Bortolini / Leonardo Sansonovicz
iin-game animation: José Pedro Bortolini


coding: Milagro Agência Digital
trailer animation: Estúdio Pé Grande
music and sfx: Batuque Música